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As a seasoned professional in Systems Architecture, Systems Security, and DevOps, my journey is highlighted by extensive expertise in web application architecture, engineering, and entrepreneurship. Proficient in Python, Node.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, Shell scripting, and Golang, I bring a modern and versatile approach to system architecture and developer operations. My knowledge extends to Linux administration and an array of current technologies.

As the Owner and Software Engineer at DR Grove Software LLC since April 2010, my role has been marked by innovation and adaptability. I’ve successfully designed, developed, maintained, and hosted a variety of websites and web applications, leveraging cutting-edge tools and platforms such as Kubernetes, Docker, Grafana, Django, Angular, and Hugo. My passion for technology is complemented by skills in photography and graphic design, with proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Throughout my career, with roles at companies like Spekit, BitGo, Left Field Labs at Google, and LinkedIn, I’ve continuously expanded my skill set. My contributions range from DevOps management and infrastructure security engineering to full-stack development. Key achievements include streamlining deployment cycles, leading migrations to Kubernetes, and developing large-scale, robust applications and systems.

Specializing in website/application development, database architecture, test-driven development, software engineering, DevOps, and full-stack architecture, I am deeply committed to technological innovation and excellence. My career reflects a dedication to staying ahead in the ever-changing tech landscape, with a focus on continuous learning and adaptation.

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